Courage & Co.

Courage & Co Ltd was started by John Courage at the Anchor Brewhouse in
Horselydown, Bermondsey in 1787. It became Courage & Donaldson in 1797. By
1888, it had been registered simply as 'Courage'.

The Anchor Brewhouse was a small brewery on the junction of Shad Thames and
Horselydown Lane, by the southern end of
Tower Bridge (opened 30th June 1894),
in London. The brewhouse was bought in December 1787 by John Courage.

The building still stands, although it has not been a brewery for a long time; it has
been converted into luxury residential flats.
The Anchor Tap pub that was the
brewery tap is still open nearby. The pub is run by Samuel Smith [2008].

In 1955, the company merged with Barclay, Perkins & Co Ltd (who were located at
the nearby Anchor Brewery) to become Courage, Barclay & Co Ltd. Only five years
later, another merger with the Reading based Simonds' Brewery led to the name
changing to Courage, Barclay, Simonds & Co Ltd. This was simplified to Courage Ltd
in October 1970 and the company was taken over by the Imperial Tobacco Group Ltd
two years later.

Their vast Worton Grange (now Berkshire) brewery was opened on the
Reading/Shinfield border in 1978. The Anchor Brewery closed in 1981 and all
brewing was transferred to Reading.  Imperial Tobacco was acquired by the Hanson
Trust in 1986 and they sold off Courage to Elders IXL who were renamed the Foster's
Brewing Group in 1990. The following year, the Courage section of Foster's merged
with all the breweries of Grand Metropolitan. Its public houses were owned by a joint-
company called
Inntrepreneur Estates. Scottish & Newcastle purchased Courage
from Foster's in 1995, creating Scottish Courage as its brewing arm.

As of January 2007 the rights for the production, marketing and sales of the Courage
brands have been sold to
Wells & Young’s Brewing Company. This will be managed
by a joint venture called Courage Brands Ltd.

Directors of Courage & Co. Ltd.

                                                                   Sons                              Grandsons/Great-grandsons

John Courage (2) - 1788-1854
John Courage (3) - 1829-1861
Robert Courage    - 1830-1893
Robert Courage 1854-1887
  Harold Courage 1861-1901
    Oswald Courage 1865-1937
          [Michell Hackett Pain 1890-1977? - son of Annie Michell Courage]

Edward Courage  - 1833-1904
(son John not a Director)     John Courage 1891-1967
                                                                                                           Peter Courage 1922-1987
                                                                                                           Rupert Steel 1922 -
  Raymond Courage 1866-1951 Edward Courage 1906-1982
                                                                                                           Richard Courage 1915-1994
 Miles Courage 1872-1961          Maurice Courage 1906-1966

Henry Courage -
  1840-1902 Harry Courage 1869-1931
      Anthony Courage 1875-1944
     Archibald Courage 1877-1953  Archibald Courage 1903-1993
     Richard Courage 1909-1998
                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *         

On Tuesday February 12th, 2008, Reuters (London) re
ported, "Brewer Scottish & Newcastle, which
 has agreed to be taken over, said it wo
uld close its brewery near Reading, west of London, by early 2010 and move prod
uction to more competitive sites.

The country's biggest brewer said the changes would lead to annual savings of 13 m
illion pounds at a one-off cost of 22 million pounds. It will also spend 15 million poun
ds upgrading facilities at sites taking on working from Reading.

"It is well documented that there is general over capacity
in the UK brewing sector, and these proposals have been put in place to address thi
s issue," group operations director Stephen Glancey said in a statement.

The 23-hectare Berkshire Brewery site employs 362 people mainly producing Foste
r's and Kronenbourg 1664.  Current annual output of 6
million hectolitres is 20 percent below capacity.
S&N said it would transfer brewing and packaging work progre
ssively to its other sites in Britain.
On January 25, Danish Carlsberg and Dutch Heineken
agreed to buy S&N for 7.8 billion pounds.
"These plans have been shared with the Heineken & Carls
berg consortium as part of the due diligence," S&N said.

S&N said the move to close the site follows its announcement in November of the clos
ure of bottling facilities at the site, and the transfer of 3 million hectolitres of produc
tion to Coors Brewers Ltd, under a contract-brewing agreement.

An S&N spokesman would not comment on future use
of the site, which is near Junction 11 of the M4 motorway."

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