1787 - 1932
                                                   by G.N. Hardinge, Director 1897-1927



THE Birth, Growth and Development of Courage’s Brewery is the contribution to British industry
made by successive generations of a single family. It may be a modest contribution, but some
notes of its history are worthy of record for the information not only of posterity, but of all who are
concerned in our day with the business of brewing. If this record does no more it will at least provide
an illustration of the rise of an undertaking from obscurity to fame by the road of industrial
development—a notable feature of the latter part of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in
England—as well as the growth of the manufacture of beer from a domestic occupation into a great

As I entered the Firm at the time it was formed into a public company, and spent 43 years in its
service, and have had access to all the old books and documents, and also enjoyed the personal
friendship of all the Directors since 1889, I have endeavoured to write a short account of the birth
and growth of the business in remembrance of the many happy years I have spent at Horselydown,
and in recognition of the many kindnesses I have received.

I should like to place on record my most grateful thanks to Mr. Ernest E. Williams for his able
assistance in helping me to compile this book.

G.N. Hardinge, December 1932
Anchor Brewhouse,
London, S.E.1.

 Chapter 1        Horsey Down 1590

 Chapter 2        History of the Courage family

Chapter 3        Growth of the business

Chapter 4        The Anchor Brewhouse to-day (1932)

 Chapter 5        Courage's business methods

Chapter 6        The Company stage

 Chapter 7        The First World War (1914-1918) and the Courages

 Chapter 8        Post-war developments

Chapter 9        Houses

Chapter 10      Some concluding reflections