(Horsey Down) and the Anchor Brewery

Horselydown, Southwark, extends from Tooley Street to Dockhead. It was so called from
being used formerly as a grazing ground for horses.

The London Borough of Southwark is located directly south of the River Thames and the City
of London, and forms part of Inner London. The riverside areas of Southwark extend from
Borough in the west, through
Bermondsey to Rotherhithe in the east. The inland areas
comprise Walworth, Peckham, Peckham Rye, Nunhead, Camberwell and Dulwich to the south.  
See in particular in the Bermondsey maps the area opposite the Tower of London bounded by
Shad Thames and Horsley Down.  The third map is possibly the most interesting as it shows
the area after Tower Bruidge was built.  The brewery occupied most of the area between
Horselydown Old Stairs and Horselydown New Stairs.

For an account of Horselydown as it was in the 16th century and John Courage's first steps in
the brewing business see
COURAGE'S 1787 to 1932, Chapter 1

By 1787 John Courage had already been in business in London for eight years as an agent for
the Glasgow shipping firm of Carron.  
A victory party in Long Lane in 1945.  It is being held outside
The Ship public house towards the Bermondsey Street end.  
The building still stands but is no longer a pub
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