John Smith's Brewery
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John Smith's brewery was founded in 1847 by John Smith at Tadcaster
in North Yorkshire, England. The brewery is currently owned by
Heineken Beers (2008)

The company brews Websters Yorkshire Bitter and John Smith's Bitter
and Extra Smooth, among other brands.

It is best known for John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter, the leading brand
of bitter in the United Kingdom. It owes its success partly due to its
marketing campaigns and developed by the Scottish & Newcastle
marketing team who are also responsible for Foster's Lager advertising.
The overwhelming majority of sales of John Smith's is of the Extra Smooth
pasteurised and filtered version, served from pressurised kegs, rather
than the more traditional version served by pubs from casks.
Most John Smith's Bitter produced thus does not classify as real ale,
although a cask version is available in pubs across Yorkshire and
occasionally in other areas of the UK.


John Smith's was originally brewed at the Old Brewery Tadcaster. However in 1884 William Smith, the
brother of John, built a new, bigger brewery next door. Due to John's will the Old Brewery passed to
Samuel, his nephew, who founded Samuel Smith Brewery there.

Despite a takeover by Courage in the 1970s and its subsequent takeover by Scottish & Newcastle, the
Tadcaster brewery is still where John Smith's beers are brewed, mainly due to the advantages of its
site. Although the hard well water of Tadcaster – ideal for brewing – is no longer important due to
technological advances, Tadcaster is a small town which provides plenty of land for expansion (the
brewery has expanded significantly since 1884), and it is well situated near to the cities of Leeds and
York and the M1 motorway. The brewery brews roughly 3 million barrels of beer per year.


John Smith's sponsors the Grand National, and introduced the John Smith's People's Race in 2007.
John Smith's is the biggest commercial sponsor of horse racing in the UK. One of the first races they
sponsored was the John Smith's Cup (originally the Magnet Cup) at York in 1960. Now in its 49th
season, it's the country's oldest continually commercially sponsored flat race.

From Brighton on the south coast to Perth up in eastern Scotland, there are a total of 90 John Smith's
No Nonsense races spread across 27 courses throughout the UK.


In mid 2007, S&N closed down production of John Smith's 'Cask' in Tadcaster and moved production
to Burtonwood near Warrington. The beer was reported as having a differing taste and to be going flat
too easily